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Our Research

Author: Dr.E.A.Farooquee

Our research is focused specificly on the patients who has already availed the best treatment in the world for their ailments and are convinced that the homoeopathy is the only way.

After 33 years of excellency in pure homoeopathic treatment we are achieving success for the most challenging diseases covering thousand of prescriptions.

Aspects of our research:

The processes of specific homoeopathic treatment that have been verified on thousands of patients transform homoeopathy into a scientific method.

The main output of our research is that we have achieved success prevention of progressive disease like progressive renal failure, progressive allergy, progressive tonsillitis, progressive rheumatoid arthritis, progressive bronchitis, progressive skin diseases, and progressive genetic diseases.

We have put our regular effort and are success in the field of research in treating patients where the general or particular immunity of the patient is below the normal and is a  permanent victim of several recurrent diseases. Such patient get infected very easily and suffers severely and for a long time even during routine treatment. These type of researches enabled us to deal with the cases related to immunity.

We are also doing research on a section of patient who is already taking allopathic medicine for diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroids, epilepsy and depression for a long time. It was a challenge for a homoeopath to deal with such cases. But after a long research and its repeated verifications on thousand of cases now it is very easy for us to deal such cases as per our principles of homoeopathy. Now we are able to withdraw these allopathic medicines in very slow process and if it is not possible we treat them side by side.

This vast experience enables us to treat virtually any disease. This extensive research has led to the creation of the science of Advanced Homeopathy

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