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We use advanced homoeopathy to provide treatment for various chronic, difficult and allopathically incurable diseases without giving any side effect on the human body. It is a very powerful method to remove the real cause of the disease. The diseases which are being treated online are listed separately.

Online advanced homoeopathic treatment is developed by DR.E.A.Farooquee, an eminent homoeopathic physician. He has been offering world class advanced homoeopathic treatment for last 33 years. He has discovered a very effective method of treatment and named it ‘NANOPATHY’ based on homoeopathic medicine which is capable to treat allopathically incurable diseases.

Advanced Homoeopathy Treatment

Scope of Homoeopathy:   Homoeopathy is more effective in the fields                                                mentioned below.

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Diseases & Treatment

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Allergy (All Types) Antibiotic Resistant Cases Gastrisis Multi Disease Cases Low Immunity Liver Disease Migraine Skin Disease Epilepsy Respiratory Disease Chronic Tonsilitis Other Diseases Not Listed Here

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           (All of the above in comparison with the current state of the art treatment in conventional or other             alternative medicines anywhere in the world.)

        Our mission is to cure the patient without giving any side effects to the patient.

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"I would just like to let you know that Dr Farooquee’s Advanced Homoeopathy is wonderful! The concern and interest in my care was like nothing I have experienced to date. I have and will continue to recommend Dr Farooquee’s Advanced  Homoeopathy to anyone in need of these services." - Patient 28 yrs/F

"Dr. Farooquee is a great physician who takes the time to review your story and symptoms with you." I have already referred him to another patient."

- Patient 36 yrs/M