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  • If we need more information we will contact you either on phone or email.

You can seek our Advanced Homoeopathic Consultation in 3 Easy Steps :

Step 1 : Fill and submit the Case Taking Form below.

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Step 3 : Receive Consultation on E-mail or Phone and Medicines through Courier anywhere in the World.

                                Receive Continuous Support throughout the duration of the treatment by E-mail and Phone.

Consultation Packages Available

One Time consultation

Acute / Chronic

One Month unlimited Consultation for  Diseases

Three Months unlimited Consultation for  Diseases

Six Months Unlimited Consultation for  Diseases

One Year Unlimited Consultation for  Diseases

Patients residing in India Discounted Indian Rate

INR 200 / INR 700

INR 1500

INR 4000

INR 7000

INR 12000

Patients Residing Elsewhere in the World

$ 25 USD / $ 50 USD

$ 100 USD

$ 200 USD

$ 300 USD

$ 500 USD

Chronic Diseases: Cancers, Renal Failure, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Cirrhosis of Liver, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Female Diseases (Fibro-adenoma of breast, COD), Allergic pneumonia, Recurrent tonsillitis, Recurrent urticaria, Celiac disease, Epilepsy, Recurrent fever, MDR cases( TB, Typhoid, E.cloli, Malaria) , Bleeding piles, Psoriasis, Recurrent skin disease, Retinoblastoma, SLE, Sciatica.

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  • If we need more information we will contact you either on phone or email.

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