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Advanced Homoeopathy

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      Advanced Homeopathy

- A Primer by Dr.E.A.Farooquee

What is Advanced Homoeopathy?

It is a new technique of Homoeopathic treatment developed by Dr E A Farooquee over a period of 33 years of extensive research on thousands of patients suffering from different challenging diseases. It has definitely improved our ability to cure significantly.

The system of treatment comprises not just medicine selection.

Our advanced homoeopathy has developed a technique in which there are no disease aggravation during the homoeopathic treatment. Now it is possible to achieve cure and control without any adverse effect.

Approach strategy for each disease state

After the completion of the diagnosis and Homoeopathic reclassification there is a norm established for approaching each disease state. This may include addressing a particular aspect of a complex disease first, which may be just the temporary alleviation of pain. This is complemented by a longer-term treatment. This is only possible under Advanced Homoeopathy because it is now possible to have a Homoeopathic 'pain killer' for specific types of pains. Such specific medicine selection was unthinkable under conventional homoeopathy.

Selection of the medicine

The selection of homoeopathic medicine depends upon the condition and progress of the disease condition of the patient. In some cases, single remedy is sufficient to deal with patient and the disease, in some cases more than one remedy is required to achieve the rapid and gentle cure of the patient. Potency and dose is never a problem if the technique of advanced homoeopathy is followed during treatment.

Advanced Homoeopathic Philosophy

The main concept of homeopathic philosophy is symptoms similarity and its clinical verification on hundred of ailing patients. A medicine capable to produce complain in human body is able to eradicate the same type of trouble from the system of the patient.

Our advanced homoeopathy has developed its own method of treatment  following the above principles which was basically founded by Dr Hahnemann.

The concept of clinical medicine , constitutional medicines, miasmatic medicine have its own importance in homoeopatic treatment and these are the part of homoeopathic philosophy.

Advanced Homoeopathic System - A revolutionary progress in the science

The above-mentioned changes that have been created successfully introduced into practise by Dr. E A Frooquee represent absolutely original, unbiased and independent work that has created completely for Homoeopathic Science. It is no doubt a revolutionary work towards the homoeopathic science.